Plate Bending

Mechanical Plate Bending Machine

Product Details:
  • Diameter of Top Roll: 125 -300 mm
  • Diameter of Bottom Roll: 105 260 mm
  • Main Motor : 3 - 40 HP

TEE 3 Roll Pyramid Type Mechanical Plate Bending Machine

'Tee' electro mechanical pyramid type plate bending machines are the most popular plate bending machines working in India with over a thousand machines in use.They are designed for the production of cylindrical shells used for pipes, storage tanks, chimneys, pressure vessels, etc. These heavy duty plate bending machines employ the orthodox three roller pyramid principle. Bottom rolls are fixed and are driven by a system of gears and worm reduction gear box whereas the top roll has a vertical up and down movement through:

(a) Screws adjusted manually in model TPH.

(b) Separate motor in model type.

The housings are steel fabricated with a large bearing surface area. The rolls are of wear resistant forged steel and are. Amply dimensioned to keep the top roll horizontal when the formed shell is to be extracted by retracting the trunion. Horizontal grooves are provided throughout the length, of rolls for additional gripping and correct feeding. Indicators are provided at both ends correct feeding. Indicators are provided at both ends for correct top roll pressure. For model TPVP and for conical bending the top roll can be inclined disengaging the clutch at one end of the worm gears.

Note: Technical details can be varied according to the model.



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